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"Onstage Theatre was founded to support all aspects of theatre from playwrighting on.  A true community theatre, it offers an opportunity for upcoming professionals and amatuers to learn, enjoy and perfect their craft."   
                       Helen Means, Artistic Director
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You Can't Take It With You Director Cast: Don Tamblyn, Babette Bilger 

Philadelphia Story by Director Cast

Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw      Director           Cast

 Once Upon A Mattress by                      Director                        Cast Janet Fontaine (Shellie)
 Company by Director Les Abbott Musical Director Cast  


19 ---
George Washington Slept Here by        Director      Cast

 The Love Song of Alex Vandenberg by          Director           Cast Don Tamblyn, Carol Nadig

 The Fifth of July by         Director  Paul Babb     Cast

Dames at Sea by    Director     Cast Kelly Murphy (Shellie)

 A Tomb with a View,by               Director Helen Means               Cast Roberta Tibbetts (Shellie)
 The Legendary Stardust Boys, by           Director               Cast Bill Hastings (Shellie)

 Angry Housewives by          Director                         Cast Anita Viramontes (Shellie)

The Injured Child by               Director Laura Means (Shellie)    Cast

Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams   Director Helen Means      Cast  

Smoke & Mirrors by      Director Helen Means      Cast Wayne McRice, Babette Bilger, Eddie Peabody, Ben -----

They Knew What They Wanted by       Director Helen Means       Cast Sal Russo, Eddie Peabody, Holly Holmes-Callahan, Randy Nott, Bill Toaspern

 Shirley Valentine by      Director      Cast Jean Wilcox (Shellie)

Three Men and a Horse by      Director       Cast Calvin Landis, Jerry McGie

Daughters by          Director          Cast Babette Bilger (Shellie)
The Night of the Iguana, by Tennessee Williams, Director          Cast  

Trip to Bountiful by          Director          Cast Helen Means, Jeannine Lewis (Shellie)

Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon Director Cast Drew Gross (Shellie)

 Italian Weddings and Other Festive Occasions by       Director           Cast Don Tamblyn, Dennis Klein

Take Me Along based on the Eugene O'Neill play Ah, Wilderness, with music and lyrics by Bob Merrill and book by Joseph Stein and Robert Russell Director Kathryn G. McCarty Musical Director ???         Cast Loren Combs, Shari Oret, Jennifer Rastegar, David Kelleher, Andrea Gaspari, Katrina Krasser, Holly Holmes, Warren McClure, Don Tamblyn, Lucinda Woodall 

199 __  
 One Act Festival: Modern Wooly Mammoths (Kathryn G. McCarty, with Wayne McRice, Caitlin Dorsey , Levi Damione), Welcome To the Moon (John Patrick Shanley, director Sharon Redman, with Loren Combs, Joeal Bischoff, Levi Damione, Mary Anny Hayes)

An Act of The Imagination, by Bernard Slade, Director Sharon Redman     Cast Catherin Roloff, Levi Damione, Don Tamblyn, Dean Creighton, Katrina Baumgartner Krasser, Jane Ayles, Holly Holmes

On Golden Pond by       Director          Cast Obie O’Brien, Helen Means, Kathryn G. McCarty, Randall Nott…little boy…?

One Act Festival: PVT Wars (James McClure) Loren Combs Renny Madlena, Levi Damione, Mark Inglis

Harvey by           Director          Cast Don Tamblyn, Alison Owens

Grace & Glory by           Director          Cast Helen Means & Babette Bilger (Shellie) 

The Curious Savage by           Director          Cast  

The Impossible Marriage by          Director              Cast June McCue MacKay 

Eulogy by Laura Means Berchdorf Cast Beth Bemis, Jennifer Brown Peabody, Dorthea Rastegar, Shawn Bonnington, Don Tamblyn, June McCue McCay, Heidi Appel, Beth Chastain, Karen Leigh, 2 other men?

The Country Wife by       Director       Cast
 Vows, Writer/Director Laura Berchdorf, Cast Don Tamblyn, Kathryn G. McCarty, Jennifer Brown Peabody, Karen Leigh, _____

Sylvia by      Director       Cast Don Tamblyn

Ladies of the Alamo   by     Director    Cast

Olympus on My Mind by       Director      Cast Jennifer Brown Peabody, Candy Carter, Mark Hinds, Peter MacArthur, Ryan Terry, Nolan Meachum

Helen's Most Favorite Day by          Director               Cast

   This was the last show at the Old Schoolhouse

and CUE PRODUCTIONS (Concord) YEARS 2008-2012

 Dixie Swim Club by      Director      Cast Rhonda Taylor, Siobhan O'Brien, Babette Bilger, June McCue, Lynne Allesandro

 Heaven Can Wait Bill Clemente, Edwin Peabody, Mark Cornelius, Julie Kennedy, Candy Carter (LCA)

The Philadelphia Story By Phillip Barry, Director Helen Means, Edwin Peabody, Jennifer Brown Peabody, (Cue)

Christmas Belles Director Helen Means, Playwright:Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten Mark Barry, Jennifer Lynn Brown Peabody, Katie Callahan Cisco, A, Claudia Bucaccio Gallup, Ryan W Terry, Edwin Peabody, Barry Hunau, Helen Means, June McCue, Barry Hunau, Claudia Gallup, Siobhan O'Brien, Mark Barry, 2 women I can't read's names

 Hundred Lunches Director Helen Means Cast: Lewis Smith, Rhonda Joy Taylor, Cooper McAdoo, Babette Bilger, Jennifer Lynn Brown Peabody, and Don Tamblyn    September 20-October 4, 2013 Lesher 

Without Purchase by David Evan Harris  Director Helen Means, Assisted by Mark Hinds Cast: Ryan Terry, Eddie Peabody, Mya Guitron, June McCue, Bill Schneider, Mark Barry, Nolan Mecham, Joseph Hirsch



Christmas Belles Director Helen Means, Playwright:Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten Mark Barry, Jennifer Lynn Brown Peabody, Katie Callahan Cisco, A, Claudia Bucaccio Gallup, Ryan W Terry, Edwin Peabody, Barry Hunau, Helen Means, June McCue, Barry Hunau, Claudia Gallup, Siobhan O'Brien, Mark Barry, 2 women I can't read's namesDecember12-15,by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten Helen Means 

Book of Liz, by the Talent Family (Amy & David Sedaris) Dir: Edwin Peabody, SM: Ali Arman Beth Chastain, Mya Guitron, Joseph Hirsch, Dawn Day, Helen Means, Randy Nott, Don Tamblyn, Ryan Terry January 31-February 15, 2014 

Weekend Comedy by Director Helen Means & John Allred Cast Wayne McRice, Claudia Gallup, Mya Ewing, Ryan Terry
Mama Won't Fly, Written by Jones, Hope, Wooten Director Claudia Gallup Featuring Babette Bilger, Jennifer Brown Peabody, and

The Foursome by Norm Foster Director Helen Meas With Edwin Peabody, Joseph Hirsch, James Frankle, Jack Karasch

Shipwrecked! An Entertainment by Donald Margulies, Director Randall Nott,  Cast Mark Cornelius, Angelic Reyes, Tim Biglow, 

A Familiar Visage (based on 3 stories by Poe) Written and Directed by Edwin Peabody  Cast Matthew Gardner, Kerry Gudjohnsen, Ryan Terry, Don Tamblyn 

Beau Jest written by James Sherman, Director Helen Means Cast: Yael Aranoff, Ben Ortega, James Frankle, Joseph Hirsch, Avi Jacobson, Lynn Elizondo 

Let Me Hear You Smile, by Leonora Thuna and Harry Cauley, Director Helen Means Cast: Wayne McRice, Sal Russo, Sheilah Morrison

"Anton Chekhov's Cherry Orchard of the Living Dead," by Troy Heard, Director Randall Nott.  Cast:  Edwin Peabody, Siobhan O'Brien, Dawn Lenz, Anne Baker, Michael Wedgley, John Harris, Daniel Reichert, Ryan Terry, Nolan Mecham, and more Zombies! And introducing Maude as Pepito the Chihuahua.

(Not) A Christmas Carol, written & directed by Kathryn G. McCarty   Cast:  Mark Hinds as Ebeneezer Scrooge and Don Tamblyn as Jacob Marley, with Anne Baker, Gaspar Bernal, Georgie Bravos, Candy Campbell, Holli Donelly, Emily Dow, Dean Engle, Jack and Julianna, Helen Means, Sarah Piane, Linda Sciacqua, Layla Simmons, Alex Danté Tucker, Michael Wedgley, 

You Can't Take It With You, by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufmann, Director Helen Means.   Cast: Randy Anger, Tim Biglow, Babette Bilger, Bill Dietz, Dean Engle, John Harris, Jack Karasch, Kathryn G. McCarty, Bill Oakley, Melissa Myers, Ryan Terry, Gretchen Salter, Peggy Scalise, Linda Sciacque, Melissa Vargas, Michael Wedgley

Bloody Murder, by Ed Sala, Director Edwin Peabody   Cast:   Randy Anger, Anne Baker, Deborah Black, Dawn Day, Don Tamblyn, and Ryan W Terry.

Esperanza by Gretchen Givens & Linda Gregg, Directed by Mark Hinds & Helen Means.  Cast:  Rhonda Joy Taylor,Martin Ashe, Anne Baker, Jené Bombardier, Bill Hatteroth  
Lisa Luttinger, Matthew Martin, Mitchell Munroe, Linda Sciacqua, Remington Stone
       Happy 40th Anniversary Season!!  OnStage Theatre was founded in 1978. Its first venue was a back room of Dan's Bar in Walnut Creek. In 1982, the company resided in the old Pleasant Hill School House, until the building was condemned in 2008.    Since then, they have performed at a variety of theatres, including the Lesher Center for the Arts (Walnut Creek) and Cue Productions (Concord).    Since the Fall of 2013, Onstage Theatre has taken up residency in the Martinez Campbell Theatre.  

The following restaurants are walking distance from the theatre (within 2 blocks) 
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Creek Monkey House      Haute Stuff       Lemongrass Bistro
La Tapatia Mexican Cuisine        Beaver Creek Smokehouse
   Roxx on Main       Front Room Martinez
      Sunflower Garden      Royal Thai 
Bar Cava     Troy's Greek Restaurant

Open before Sunday matinees:
Copper Skillet Courtyard    Luigi's Deli   Main Street Deli   Saucie's Bakery & Cafe

Coffee Houses:    States Coffee        Barrelista         Starbucks 
Barrel Aged Cocktail Bar and Lounge

 Please let the restaurant know you are coming to the Campbell!
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